Welcome to the Active Team Community

Health & Wellbeing

Welcome to the Active Team Community

We all know that joining a team is the perfect way to have fun, meet people, keep motivated, and let off steam.

Written by Nikki Z

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We all know that joining a team is the perfect way to have fun, meet people, keep motivated, and let off steam. So, we are thrilled to be building our very own team here, with the Active Community. We’ll be sharing the knowledge from our group of experts, intel from the teams we meet along the way and all the information you could want about staying active and healthy (and wearing great performance gear while you do it!).

When you’re ready to get started with a team of your own, whether you’re looking for the perfect uniform for your team or looking for the right high-performance gear for your next race, we’ve got you covered.

So, thanks for being a part of our community, where you will find news and inspiration about staying active. Remember that we love your feedback, and we want to hear about the great things you’re doing.

Here’s what to expect:

Active events

Looking for your next challenge? You’ll find a series of Active-approved events on offer here, all set to push you to your limits. Do it solo, or put together a team. Don’t forget to choose high-performance branded gear!

Health, fitness, and lifestyle

Staying fit, healthy and well is a way of life. We get that, and we make gear to support you in your quest. The right gear is only one part of the equation though, so you’ll find lots on diet, exercise and training to help you smash your goals..


Looking for the activewear that will become a wardrobe staple? You’ll find it here, along with lots of information about how you can customise your gear.

Fabric explanations

Learn why we choose the fabrics that they do, and how we make sure they are as high-performing as you are. We know that you expect fabrics that can be pushed to the limits, and keep looking good, and here we tell you all about how we select the best.

Team profiles

Meet our favourite teams, and learn about what keeps them motivated to keep training and meet new goals. They share training tips, and advice for creating a brand for your team, so that you’re instantly recognisable.

Motivation and ideas

Life is busy and sometimes it can be tough to find the focus and motivation to keep on going. We’ll keep you to keep the energy up and keep the fun coming with training tips, ideas and inspiration.

Nikki Z
Nikki Z

Nikki Zarra is a content and communications specialist at Workwear Group. She has attempted yoga and realised that her body just doesn’t bend like that! She has however discovered a love for lifting weights and eating a macro balanced diet (don’t tell her trainer, but she doesn’t stick to the macro count). She is constantly looking for new and out of the box ways to create balance in her life and can’t wait to share these discoveries with the Active tribe.

You can follow Nikki Z on:

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